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IQOS Lil solid 2.0 price in Dubai UAE

Iqos Lil Solid sold for AED 300 to AED450 in Dubai UAE Market.

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Iqos Lil solid price in UAE

IQOS Lil Solid sold for AED 300 – AED 400 in UAE Market.


IQOS Lil solid manual Dubai UAE

Features of the new device The Lil SOLID system is an obligated monoblock. To date, it has the following technical characteristics: Parameter Meaning Full charge time 120 minutes Number of sessions when fully charged 20 Maximum number of tightening 14 Variety of colors white, black, blue Battery capacity 2,900 mAh Lil SOLID is controlled by a single button located on the case. Place the stick in the device before starting the session. To do this, slide the lid, insert the stick and hold the button. The vibration and turquoise indicator will notify you of the beginning of the warm-up. You can start a smoking session after the indicator on the panel stops blinking. Repeated vibration indicates that the process is approaching the end, a complete shutdown occurs after the indicator is redeemed. At the end of the session, scroll the stick three times and gently remove it from the device. Clean – Remove the cleaning mechanism from the case. Remove the cap and the removable part of the heating chamber from the monoblock. Brush the heater with rotating movements. Walk through the base connectors with a special cleaning needle. Use an additional stick. Use the cable and unit included in the starter kit to charge the lil SOLID system. Connect the monoblock to the power supply and do not touch until fully charged – for two hours. If the LED goes out, the device is fully charged. The indicator on the housing will notify you of the current status: red – the charge is approaching zero; orange – no more than 30%; blue – 30-60%; blue – 60-100%.

IQOS Lil solid charging time

IQOS Lil solid takes 2 hours to fully charged.