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The new Terea IQOS in Dubai UAE. Cash on delivery is available to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

Available Terea Heets Flavors in Dubai UAE!

Terea Balanced Regular, Terea Black Menthol, Terea Black Purple Menthol, Terea Black Yellow Menthol, Terea Bright Menthol, Terea Fusion Menthol Heets, Terea Menthol, Terea Mint, Terea Purple Menthol, Terea Regular, Terea Rich Regular, Terea Ruby Regular, Terea Smooth Regular, Terea Tropical Menthol, Terea Yellow Menthol

Main Features of IQOS TEREA UAE

  • Terea HEETS offers a full-bodied, yet mellow taste with hints of roasted malt and fruity tones that are not overpowering.

  • What’s more, the product is gentler on the teeth and gums because it’s less concentrated.

  • You can also enjoy using a method that is kinder to the environment as you don’t need to use fire or an open flame to heat it up!

  • Terea HEETS provides a full-bodied and woody flavor that harmonizes with a faint nutty aroma.

  • This product is mild to the taste, so sensitive teeth and gums can still enjoy it.

  • It also provides a cleaner way to heat as opposed to other methods of smoking such as cigarettes and cigars.

Is terea same as HEETS?

Compared to HEETS sticks, TEREA sticks are sealed. So, when TEREA sticks are used with IQOS ILUMA there is no tobacco residue and no need to clean the device after use. Thanks to the all-new IQOS ILUMA and TEREA tobacco sticks, you may enjoy a better tobacco experience in a clean and effortless way.

Is IQOS Iluma available in Dubai?

Yes, IQOS ILUMA, ILUMA Prime, IQSO ILUMA Neon, IQOS ILUMA One are all available in Dubai UAE!

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