The Complete Guide to IQOS ILUMA and Terea Heets: Products that are Safer, More Convenient, and Don’t Produce Secondhand Smoke



The IQOS Iluma is the brand’s first tobacco heating system to use induction heating technology, which uses no heating element and does not require cleaning. The latest generation of IQOS is the ILUMA. The IQOS ILUMA uses induction to heat the tobacco and was launched in Japan in 2021.

What is Terea Heets?

TEREA SMARTCORE STICKSTM are specially designed heated tobacco units intended for exclusive use with the IQOS ILUMA induction heated tobacco device. Within the TEREA SMARTCORE STICKSTM is a metal heating element, which is coated with stainless steel, that heats the tobacco from within.

How does IQOS Iluma work?

IQOS ILUMA’s new SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ is completely bladeless, with easy tobacco stick insertion. The metal heating element heats the tobacco from within the TEREA stick, using induction. So, the tobacco is heated, instead of being burned.

The science behind Iqos and how it helps people quit smoking.

When a cigarette is lit, the tobacco burns at temperatures of around 600 °C. This burning process generates bank and ash; when a smoker takes a air, the temperature rises above 800 °C at the burning tip. Cigarette bank is a complex admixture of over,000 chemical substances, around 100 of which have been linked to smoking- related conditions by public health authorities. IQOS HeatControl ™ Technology heats tobacco to a lower temperature( lower than 350 °C), icing that combustion doesn’t do. Because there’s no combustion, IQOS doesn’t produce bank. It generates a tobacco vapour that brings you a high- quality experience with 95 lower * dangerous chemicals compared to cigarettes.

Cigarettes produce tar, IQOS doesn’t

“ Tar ” is the residue from smoke after a cigarette has burned. IQOS doesn’t produce tar because it heats tobacco rather of burning it. It generates an aerosol residue that’s unnaturally different from “ navigator ” and consists of significantly lower situations of dangerous chemicals. * Switching fully to IQOS is less dangerous than continuing to smoke. **

IQOS tobacco vapour is less dangerous than cigarette bank. To demonstrate this, we conducted a comprehensive assessment programme that included 10 clinical studies on aerosol chemistry( as well as data from 18non-clinical studies), and involved thousands of actors in the US, Japan, UK and Poland. substantiation demonstrates that switching fully to IQOS, while not threat-free, presents lower threat of detriment compared with continuing to bomb cigarettes.

IQOS emits lower dangerous chemicals than cigarettes

Cigarettes burn tobacco, which produces high quantities of carbon monoxide. IQOS does n’t burn tobacco, producing on average 98 lower carbon monoxide( CO) and significantly lower situations of other dangerous chemicals compared to cigarettes. *

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